We present to you the first issue of FM Encore, IAVM’s quarterly digital magazine that focuses on specific issues and topics of interest to the public assembly venue world.

The first issue is devoted to the topics of safety and security. As venue operators, your very first priority is to keep your guests safe. We trust that through the feature articles in FM Encore you will get extra tips on how to do just that. The recent Easter bombings in Sri Lanka once again underscore the urgency for operators in all industries to make safety and security first and foremost.

In upcoming issues of FM Encore, you will read about the following:

Summer (August)
Operations, Guest Services

Fall (October)
Security Technology, Cyber Security

Winter (February 2020)
Diversity & Inclusion

We welcome and encourage you to contact us regarding any desire you might have to contribute to any of these issues.

We also want to acknowledge a very important group that stands at the lead of safety and security in our industry, IAVM’s Venue Safety & Security Committee. This committee’s mission is to represent and advocate for safety and security interests of the venue management industry, as well as to encourage and equip professionals in the discipline of life safety and security operations and management.

Their collaboration and partnership with FM Encore makes this inaugural issue a must-read for all. We thank the committee for their tireless work to make ours a better and safer industry, and for their editorial participation in this first issue.

Please be sure to offer a word of thanks to the following individuals for their work played out mostly behind the scenes whenever you speak to them.

Russell Dyer – CHAIR
Heidi Snyder – VICE CHAIR
Bart Allen
Ryan Briones
Jeremy Brown
Kathryn Carlson, CVP
Joe DeGeorge
Colin Holman
Andy Jabbour
Alex Keen, ETCP
Joseph Kierych
Joe Levy, CVE
Kimberly Mahoney, CVP, Ph.D.
Jessica Reid-Bateman
Zach Rutledge
Russ Simons
Denise Zigler, CVE​

Enjoy FM Encore, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any feedback or to express an interest in writing or even to simply provide topic ideas. We are here for you!



R.V. Baugus
Senior Editor
FM Encore