Facility Manager strives in each issue of the magazine to have something for everyone. Yes, that can come off as a cliché, but we prefer to view it as gospel and a mandate when planning for every issue.

With that backdrop, you will soon receive your March/April magazine that indeed is complete with content offering something for everyone. For now, check out our new digital version of FM. We hope you find this format easier to use on your desktop, laptop, or any mobile device.  Not able to read each article?  You can now listen to them through the digital version!

Kim Stone graces our cover and tells her exciting story of coming up as a woman not only in the industry but in the male-dominated National Basketball Association sports world. As an executive with Miami’s HEAT Group, Stone is indeed a trailblazer for women who aspire in the venue management and sports worlds. She also works with a team whose front office is the most diverse in the league. There is much to learn from Kim in these areas as well as what she calls a work/harmony balance (note she does not call it work/life) for this crazy, fun business of venue management.

FM also serves up other features in this issue including Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, Food & Beverage Trends, Event Management Software Applications, and the use of Off-Duty Police Officers.

What has Glen Mikkelsen cooked up for his latest installment of In the Quirks? You will find out soon. The Facility Doctors are also back for their column to answer the latest concern in the industry.

When it comes to something for everyone, of course you will get all the reading you want from our sector columns. We appreciate our IAVM members who take the time to produce these educational and informational columns for our readers.

As always, please let me know if you have an article you would like to submit or simply an idea you would like us to consider for a future story in FM. We are here for you.




R.V. Baugus
Senior Editor