It took us just a few years to accomplish this, but we at IAVM and Facility Manager magazine are more than proud to say that the May/June issue you will receive features on the cover none other than the legendary Russ Simons, who is … well, Russ is so much to so many in so many unique ways that we will allow you to fill in the blank as it pertains to your relationship with the gentle giant.

Seriously, it is an honor to feature Russ, the leader at Chief Listening Officer at Venue Solutions Group, in this issue. Russ is perhaps best known for his tireless work through the years at the Venue Management School, teaching in his own inimitable style and mesmerizing and inspiring hundreds who have come through the doors of the school. We allow many of Russ’s peers to talk about their “daddy” and even play our own game of Simons Says where Russ gets the opportunity to talk about his career and life.

Don’t miss the vast array of other stories covered in this full issue, including:

— A look at the Active Shooter training in Boston

— Dennis Williams and the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee

–What’s new and trending in the A/V world

–Building design for today and tomorrow

–Recycling sorter feature

We have all the columns, of course, and some added smaller features for your reading enlightenment and education.

Let us know what you think, and as always send those story ideas my way!



R.V. Baugus
Senior Editor