We constantly talk about how IAVM members make a difference in their communities by opening their venue doors to an array of events to a vast and diverse public. These days, it seems, we are talking about this difference more and more in terms of being available in times of disaster and tragedy.

The upcoming November/December issue of Facility Manager spotlights our members during these trying times. Greg Davis at the Cajundome in Lafayette, Louisiana, has been a long-time IAVM member and found himself thrust into the role of caretaker and shelter in the hours after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005. We are honored to profile Greg not only for his role of compassion as thousands turned his arena into a mega-shelter, but to look at a man who grew up in difficult segregated times in the Deep South and came out the better for it.

We also look at another long-time member in Beth Wade, CFE, and how her venue, the Berry Center, also became a home to displaced citizens in the Houston area following Hurricane Harvey. Compassion once again comes to the forefront and these are but two examples of what makes our industry so special.

Mike Wooley looks at Facility Condition Assessments in a special secondary feature that will give you plenty of insights on just how these assessments can create a variety of benefits for you and your venue.

As always, we present our sector-specific columns and proudly introduce a new feature dedicated to the unsung in our venues. We all have those people and they deserve the recognition. Join us as members of the Facility Manager Editorial Advisory Committee pen these mini-features as a way to say thanks and shower recognition on the people who help make guests’ experiences great. We invite you to please share your “unsung hero” stories with us as well. Send your suggestions and even completed stories to rv.baugus@iavm.org.

We hope you enjoy the upcoming issue and as always encourage you to share story ideas and suggestions with us!