The November/December issue of Facility Manager is one about learning.

Cover subject Sporty Jeralds has learned under some of the best in the industry and has paid it forward by now guiding students at the University of South Carolina who want to pursue a career in the public assembly venue world. Sporty has his own ways to motivate his class, and one only has to look at the impressive list of folks who have come into the industry after having learned under Sporty to realize the type of leader he is.

Tricia Zendejas is another feature story. Her story is one that deeply touches the heart as she was one of the survivors from two years ago, when a gunman opened fire on thousands attending the Harvest 91 festival in Las Vegas. The carnage killed 56 people and has left an obvious scar on those who were present but made it out alive. Tricia talks about what she learned from the incident and what she does when she goes out now to a concert.

We also have other outstanding features and the columns written by our esteemed IAVM members who gladly take time out of their busy lives to write and share ideas and inspiration with their peers.

Enjoy your reading and as I always remind, please send your stories and story ideas to me at for consideration in any upcoming issues of Facility Manager. We want to hear from you!​


R.V. Baugus

Facility Manager Senior Editor