After a 2016, which saw several attacks take place throughout the world on unsuspecting places of worship, work, entertainment and more, we welcome the new year with an even greater awareness of the need to not just be vigilant in these turbulent times, but to be proactive as well.

We start 2017 by addressing the issue of safety and security in Facility Manager magazine with a package of stories touching on several aspects of this crucial topic. While the incident at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas, in May 2015 garnered international association following the killing of two terrorist attackers outside the venue as they prepared to inflict numerous casualties, we go back to venue leader John Wilborn for an exclusive riveting first-person account of the months leading up, the day of and the aftermath of that unforgettable day. Wilborn shares insights with FM from behind the scenes about some strategic measures taken to keep the loss of life at a minimum.

We also look at the increasing frequency of lone wolf attacks, why they happen, who commits them and how venue managers can best be prepared for these types of incidents.

You won’t want to miss our special look at the 25th anniversary of the upcoming Performing Arts Managers Conference in Chicago. What makes this such a special conference? Some of those who have been attending the longest will share those keen insights.

Last but certainly not least is the return of sector columns. They are written by you, our IAVM members, and cover the full gamut of venues types in the industry. We add to that with the voice of our Young Professionals as columnists from that group also share not only the evolving demographics of guests within the venues, but within the venue workforce as well.

It is all designed to kick off your 2017 as it should be with the most comprehensive and thorough coverage of our industry and our members as is possible for your reading pleasure! So what are you waiting for? Check the mailbox for your copy of FM magazine. And if you haven’t already subscribed, you can sign up right now. Never miss out on crucial venue news, updates, and insights. Get your hands on the most tangible knowledge in the industry.


R.V. Baugus

Facility Manager Senior Editor