Don’t we all want to leave the world a better place than we found it?

The September/October issue of Facility Manager spotlights an individual who has been doing that since her young high school days near Kalamazoo, Michigan. Beth Wade has gone on to become a true public assembly venue legend. She is one of the earliest females to gain a top position in the industry and became involved in IAVM (then IAAM) very early in her career. She has left a legacy in the IAVM Foundation and has her own unique way of paying it forward that you will enjoy reading about.

Sara Escobar is the young lady that in all likelihood no IAVM member knows. She is also the first story in my years with Facility Manager that I have decided to use the set-aside “editorial discretion” in writing a feature about someone not an IAVM member. Sara, you see, graduated in May from Irving Nimitz High school, the high school in the district in which I live. She was her class salutatorian, and in her speech shared for the first time that she was homeless in her four years of high school. She is now studying biology at the University of Texas. The connection for Sara is not to our industry, but about life and how we all have within us the ability to conquer the greatest odds. Consider it a life lesson, and can’t we all use on of those from time to time?

Enjoy this issue, and we know you will come away wanting to be a better person and desiring even more to make your own mark and leave your own legacy in this world.

A final reminder, as always, is to please send stories and story ideas our way for Facility Manager. Your magazine is always wanting to hear more of your stories.



R.V. Baugus
Senior Editor