Using the baseball analogy for our industry, Adina Erwin has covered the bases, having worked at all sector types including stadiums, arenas, convention centers, and performing arts centers, where she currently resides in Atlanta at the Fox Theatre.

But it isn’t just covering those bases that make Erwin the cover feature for the November/December Facility Manager magazine, but what those experiences have been like and how they have helped shape her to become what she is today – one of the industry’s prominent and respected professionals.

Along the way, Erwin makes a huge difference in her work with the IAVM Foundation and has her own story to tell for others to enjoy the success that has come her way as an African-American woman in a predominantly white and male industry. It is an uplifting feature you will not want to miss!

We also have a number of features to captivate your reading interest, including the evolving and ongoing threat of vehicles used as ramming weapons. Find out what steps are most beneficial in combating this threat when it comes to your own venue’s safety and security.

Who doesn’t have flooring of some type? We find out the latest technologies, trends, and popular flooring uses taking place at venues today.

Suites continue to be a major revenue producer, but the usage and application of suites is another evolving trend in the industry. Just what will tomorrow’s suites look like, and why will they look that way? We have the story!

Our popular sector columns are fully stocked as well along with The Facility Doctors and In the Quirks, which in this issue will examine the history of toilets at mass gathering places. Yes, there really is a story there to be told, and it is shared in only the way that Glen Mikkelsen can share!

It is all coming soon, so be ready! Let us hear back from you with any story ideas and should you have an interesting in writing for Facility Manager. It is YOUR magazine and we plan to always keep it that way!



R.V. Baugus
Senior Editor