As the Exhibitions and Meetings Safety and Security Initiative (EMSSI) moves forward for convention centers, Facility Manager magazine decided the best way to help members understand EMSSI would be to invite the leaders of three local associations who have spearheaded the initiative to come together for a roundtable interview. Brad Mayne, CFE, David DuBois, and Larry Arnaudet convened at IAVM Headquarters for a roundtable interview along with three other partnering individuals and companies in the project in Kevin Olsen, Al Shenouda, and Bill Flynn. Be sure and read as the principals discuss EMSSI, why it is important for our industry and how the project formed and is coming together in the first of a two-part series.

Another important subject that we have been tracking for members is the One Member, One Vote campaign, one that will have members casting votes in the near future. We enlisted Rick Haycock, CFE, long-time venue professional and distinguished Honorary Member, to share his thoughts on a vote that if passed would give those who have contributed so much to the industry such as Haycock a voice and a vote going forward. Rick shares his personal story and reiterates for those under the false assumption that this is NOT the same as the vote taken in 2014. 

We introduce two new columns for you in the March/April magazine that you will be sure to want to read. The first is The Facility Doctors. You ask the question and we turn it over to those in the academic field to provide the answer. We thank Frank Russo for stepping up to the plate with a question in our initial installment. The University of New Haven’s Kim Mahoney and Gil Fried help oversee this new column and look forward to sharing the wealth with different individuals answering questions in every issue. As for those questions you want to ask, please send an email to and we will be sure to get the answer from the experts for you.

We also say hello to In The Quirks, which is just like it sounds. This is a new fun, enlightening, and educational column that divulges some of the interesting historical quirks and stories in our fun, wild, and often quirky industry. Our thanks to Glen Mikkelsen for taking the initiative behind finding those priceless gems of stories to bring greater depth to the magazine.

All this and much more is coming up when the March/April magazine arrives to your office. As always, thank you for your support and never hesitate to share your story ideas with me. 

Finally, before closing this is the perfect opportunity to also request your help for the May/June issue that celebrates 30 years of the Venue Management School (VMS). Whether you were (or are) an instructor or a student, drop me an email at to share your own VMS story. It could be about how the school helped you in your career or just a special memory from the school that you want to share. We are looking for these to run in the next magazine. Oh, and by all means please send pictures as well.

You have your assignment, so be sure and be part of the May/June Facility Manager. But before we get there, enjoy the issue that will soon arrive to you.


R.V. Baugus

Facility Manager Senior Editor