VenueConnect 2018 in Toronto is here, and Facility Manager magazine is ready to bring you some advance coverage that includes the incoming chairmanship of Michael Marion, CVE, as well as a feature-story look at Toronto as a destination city.

There are some constants that readers have come to expect out of the magazine that are contained within the 96-page issue. You read that right: the upcoming issue has 96 pages of quality editorial content as well as support from advertisers. Please be sure to view the ad messages and support those who support you and the Association.

As Michael Marion moves into the Association’s greatest volunteer leadership role, Doug Booher, CVE, will transition into the immediate past chair position. Doug’s final column is in this issue and you will be sure to want to read it as he recaps his year at the helm. It has been a pleasure to work with Doug over the past 12 months and I know that you join us in thanking him for his dedicated service and his tremendous impact that has included nurturing a greater emphasis on diversity and inclusive leadership within IAVM’s volunteer ranks and our member venues in general.

While there is much that will be familiar when the magazine lands on your desk, we can tell you that the issue also contains one major surprise. What might that be, you ask? Well, you know the answer to that … if we told you it would not be a surprise! Trust us, though, you will know it when you see it, and we welcome your feedback to the newest surprise we are thrilled to share with you.

R.V. Baugus

Senior Editor