Diversity is an act of reaching out to embrace all people. Inclusion is an act to bring people in to serve in productive ways.

Combine it and you have diversity and inclusive leadership, the theme for the May/June Facility Manager. Not just any theme either, but this is an issue that we consider to be a “special issue” with a series of touching and thought-provoking articles on the very topics of diversity, inclusion, and inclusive leadership.

We took a mix of IAVM members, along with some topic experts, to combine what we believe is one of the most must-read issues we have published in recent years. If you are doing your own practices to support diversity and inclusion, please let us hear from you. This is not a subject matter that should be considered “one and done” by any means.

In addition to our packet of features, we as always present the sector columns that you are accustomed to reading. We also have a special look at security technology, one that literally hits home at IAVM.

It is all within the pages of the May/June Facility Manager, coming soon to you!

R.V. Baugus

Senior Editor