Venue and event management software has been helping the industry’s biggest facilities operate smoother and more profitably for decades. Maintaining their events, bookings, sales, billing, and more, the long history of success between large venues and powerful software has also led to the false perception that powerful software is useful for only large venues. Small to mid-sized venues, which don’t quite need all the bells and whistles of industry-leading software, have been reluctant to pay for a system that includes features they will never use in its price. So how has this disconnect between small venues and big software been bridged?

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The answer is a shift in how big software is packaged and offered. Instead of a one-size-fits-all model and purchase plan, Ungerboeck For Venues operates a Software as a Service model, providing Ungerboeck’s legendary software in customizable versions and packages that live online instead of on a disk. This allows Ungerboeck to affordably offer best-in-class event management software to every venue under the sun, no matter what its size or needs. As your venue works harder than ever to generate revenue through new types of events and provide attractive, unique offerings, you need powerful back-end support that can expand with your business as it moves forward. SaaS makes that possible by preventing you from paying for unused features providing the flexibility you need to endlessly adjust, update and add components, ensuring your system never becomes insufficient for future needs.

Don’t Be Fooled By “Customization”

Many managers believe that the ability to add specific features as needed is something that’s always existed in the form of software customization. In reality, the word “customization” is often used in software as a smokescreen to hide the rigid limitations of “what you see is what you get” systems. The vast majority of software is still offered with fixed capabilities and features in a pre-defined system, meaning that “customization” is actually code for major software alteration. Don’t be fooled—those customizations will cost you big every single time they’re needed. And as your business grows, they’ll be needed often—adding thousands to your initial costs and creating a constant drain on your bottom line.

Finding the right fit with Software as a Service Models

Before diving into some of the specifics that each system and edition offers, you need to know what features you’re looking for. When evaluating your needs, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can we expand our offerings to our customers? If so, can we do it without adding an entirely new process to our workflow?
  • With the right tools and insights, do we have the resources and availability to significantly increase the number of customers and events we have? Or, are we just looking for a way to more efficiently manage our existing business?
  • Do we deal with on-the-fly changes and additions from our customers? Do some of these get lost or overlooked in the billing process?
  • Do we anticipate our needs changing based on larger, more frequent or more varied events? What will these needs be and will we be able to accommodate them when they arise?


Ungerboeck For Venues: Community, Flex & Enterprise

Available in three different editions, Ungerboeck For Venues is accessible from any device on the go.  With packages that are powerful enough to make the largest venues in the world operate more efficiently as well as scaled-down options that have been specifically designed and priced for smaller venues, Ungerboeck For Venues gives your business exactly what it needs—including the ability to seamlessly upgrade or add individual features as necessary.

Community Edition is the simplest option, with carefully selected features that are tightly tailored to the needs of smaller venues. Going beyond flawless event booking that’s been built over 30 years of collaboration with industry professionals, Community features best-in-class customer relationship management and document management to house all of your customer and event information in a single, intuitive database.

Flex Edition is designed for venues that “flex” between simple and sophisticated events and software needs. Flex works well for venues looking to expand their offerings, increase revenue or improve efficiency, generating reports that give you detailed insights about your business and opportunities. Flex includes event inventory tracking, purpose-built Customer Relationship Management and sales tools and the ability to instantly produce and collect audit-ready invoices anywhere—all of which make your events easier and more profitable.

Enterprise Edition is Ungerboeck’s gold standard in venue management software. For larger, more complex organizations that require the ability to use any or every component of the software, Enterprise is built to run every facet of your operations. Manage workflows, contract life-cycles, user access, and functionalities to make your software and staff perform exactly as you need them to. Enterprise even allows you to add a complete financials system built for the events business.

A Changing Landscape

With the easy, quick implementation of systems like Ungerboeck For Venues, more and more businesses are changing the way they view venue management software. In the past, smaller venues only evaluated software that was cheap, minimal and limited, leading to the inevitable conclusion that it wasn’t a good fit.  Today, venues of all sizes are evening the playing field and re-assessing how valuable software can be. Now that flexible, elite software is available in a package and at a price that works for any venue, powerful back-end support is no longer an industry differentiator, but an industry necessity.

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