Beyond a Membership

Each IAVM member is out for the success of everyone, not just themselves. It goes beyond an organization. It is a family.

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The Impact of Gun Laws on Public Venues

“Open carry” is now legal in 44 out of 50 U.S. states. That means a person can publicly carry a firearm in plain sight. However, there is a lot of confusion among venue professionals concerning the law in their states.

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CFE Corner: Mark Mettes
Mark Mettes

Mark Mettes, CFE, is president and CEO of Phoenix, Arizona’s Herberger Theater Center and IAVM’s 2016-2017 board chair. Mark, as the incoming chair of the IAVM Board of Directors, you have already exhibited excellent leadership skills. What are your thoughts on leadership in general? Is one born to be a leader or is that aptitude […]

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